Make up on a Budget 

Hello Beautiful girlies,

If you are anything like me then you can’t afford to buy big brand makeup for any reason, and you need good dupes or reliable high street make-up products. In this post I will be talking you through my favourite high street makeup products. 

So this first product I absolutely love, I usually hate lip products I have never been a fan of them but this product is amazing it’s not sticky, it doesn’t fade or crease it’s truly one of my favourite make up product. The product is…

NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer in the colour 

600 – Turtle Bay Toffee, this colour is beautiful I must admit it scared me a little when I saw the darkness of the product in the tube but once applied it looks amazing with a plus side of smelling amazing! I haven’t used any other colour but I am very excited to do so! 

The best part!! It only costs £2-£3 depending on where you are. 

A real bargain!

The next product is a eyeshadow palette by Collection, well a range of palettes by collection. The range is called eyes uncovered and there are around 6 different palettes on sale, I have 3 off them. Eyes uncovered palettes

 The top one is Nude Bronze Palette this palette I compare to some of the colours in the Naked 2 Palette, in my opinion they are just as good, lasting all day and being very pigmented. My favourite Eyes Uncovered Palette has to be the Nude Rose, I love the colours in this they are so beautiful and are good summer colours as it includes pinks and golds. The Smokey Grey Palette is perfect for that smokey eye, you could either have a day smokey eye using the lighter colours in the palette or go all out on a dark sexy smokey eye for those all important  nights out!

These palettes only cost £2.99 that’s right £2.99 for six spectacular quality  eye shadows that could pass for high end for a extremely affordable price!

So my last product I will be talking about today is the Collection Contour Kit Highlight&Sculpt. This retails for £2.98 in any high street drugstore. 

This product is definitely a bargain there is no doubt about that, but let’s talk pros. the bronzer/contour powder  is very easy to blend which is somthing I find very difficult to find, a bronzer/contour that blends well. The product has a little shimmer but nothing over the top it’s the perfect amount for me and I just love this contour. Now the highlighter I love. I have used many highlighters in the past most of them being cream ones, but powder highlighter is definitely the way to go for me. If you don’t like very shimmery highlighters you won’t like this one, but if you do your in for a treat!

Okaay Beautiful Girlies that’s it for now, if anyone would like any YouTube tutorials on these products, just comment below! 

Ps. Comment your favourite high street brand make up items that you recommend.




7 thoughts on “Make up on a Budget 

    1. Yes NYC is a UK brand I’ve seen it in super drug a lot but if you can’t find it its always online 🙂 also yes collection is amazing for budget makeup such high quality and beautiful products for inexpensive prices!

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