26 uses for Vaseline 

Hello Beautiful Girlies,

In this blog I will be sharing with you 26 uses for VASELINE! Yes Vaseline it can be used for so many different things!


1. Softens dry /cracked elbows – apply a little on the area 

2. Strengthens eyelashes – apply at night on eyelashes

3. Rub on nails to help with dry cuticles 

5. Mix with coloured eyeshadow for a tinted lip balm 


7. Use a Q-tip with Vaseline to help remove eye makeup

8. Vaseline with sea salt to make a expoliating body scrub 

9. Makeup stains on clothes – dab Vaseline on before washing 

10. It removes fake eyelash glue

11. Put on freshly shaved legs to moisturise 

12. Mix with lipstick to make a cream blush 

13. Put a little one your toothbrush after brushing to expoliate your lips

14. Bad eyebrow day? Put Vaseline on your eyebrows to stop them sticking out

15. Mix with your favourite lotion to make it last longer 

16. Put Vaseline on dry skin before fake tanning to prevent uneven tan

17. Helps remove those stuck rings on fingers 

18. Put a coat on your feet once a week and cover them with socks before you go to bed for super soft feet in the morning 

19. Helps protect new tattoos 

20. To highlight cheek bones 

21. If you don’t wear earrings often it can be painful so rub Vaseline on the area before 

22.  To protect a sore nose 

23.  To protect your skin around your face when dying you hair 

24. To help heal sunburn – use on the affected area to heal quickly 

25. To prevent chafing 

26. To hide split ends – rub a tiny bit between your fingers then apply to the ends of your hair to make those split ends disappear 

Vaseline is amazing! 

I hope you found those tips and tricks interesting… 

Adiós Girlies 



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