Rimmel London – Brow This Way Review! 

Hello girlies, today I will be doing a review on the ‘Rimmel London, Brow This Way’ 

First off can I just say the box is so cute and I love the idea of a little brow brush it’s somthing I have never seen before in a eyebrow duo. 

You can get 2 colours for this product a lighter and a darker depending on your colour brows, I like to use the lighter one. I think this product is extremely good value for money (£3.99) and is very high quality for a drugstore brand!

In this kit you get wax plus a powder, and a brush to apply with. The product blends really easily and doesn’t smudge! I also defiantly love the little brow brush, that is also included; because the product is so pigmented you only need a little product on your brows to achieve a brilliant natural look! ( for a even more natural look use only the powder, I do that sometimes and I love the results)

I would recommend this product for any eyebrow shade – just pick the one closest to your shade as you can adjust the darkness with how much you apply and layering it up. Overall great product!
Adiós girlies ❤


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