Benefits of Pineapple 

Hello girlies, 

Today I am going to share some health benefits of pineapples! 

Pineapples have vitimin, A, C, PP, D aswell as iron, calcium, magnisium, iodine, copper and potassium and other nutrients so its no wonder they have some amazing health benifits, here are a few I love!

1. You can use wedged pineapple to exfoliate your skin. It eliminates the dead skin and accentuates blood flow. This, in turn, makes your skin look brighter.

2. Pineapple has lots of vitiam A which keeps your nails plus hair strong, and stops breakage 

3.When pineapple is used with coconut oil, it relieves chapped lips. Pineapple, like coconut oil, has skin hydrating and nourishing properties. 

4. Soften your nails with a pineapple and coconut oil mixture

5. Pineapple is rich in bromelain, vitamin C, and dietary fiber that promote digestion. It can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

6. Pineapple can actually boast your fertility (in men and women) due to all the different nutrients and vitimins

7. Pineapple can also help with weight loss. (It only contains 48 calories)
That’s all for now girlies Adiós<3


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