Hiya girlies I recently purchased the Kylie Jenner Birth Edition -Matte Liquid Lipsticks and I thought I would do a little review for you all

Disclaimer – I am unsure if these products are 100% genuine, I did not purchase these from the Kylie website I brought them off a seller on depop for a discounted amount. Either way I am happy with the product and it has not affected my lips in any way. 


I love the size of the tubes the product comes in, I think they are a perfect tester size. The reason I brought this set is so that I could try out a few colours (without having to purchase a full size tube) so I could decide what colour looks best and which I love the most and purchase the full tube. I originally thought DOLCE K would be my favourite colour but it turns out CANDY K is the one for me. 

To me personally I think the smell is too strong, it is indeed a sweet candy smell but it’s a little too much however the product goes on very easily, it’s smooth plus and is very pigmented in fact the most pigmented liquid lipsticks I have ever tried. A downfall for me is how long the product takes to dry, it appears dry but when I put my lips together they stick, smudge and just cause a bit of a mess! But taking into consideration the look of the product when on the lips I think it’s worth the downfall. I always find nude colours look awful on me as I have very rosey lips, they always separate as you can see my bright pink smackers shine through. However these lipsticks cover everything and look flawless, I did find mine faded when eating my Christmas dinner but I don’t think they are gravy proof! 

This is the products semi dry. 

From top to bottom – EXPOSED – CANDY K – DOLCE K – KOKO K – KRISTEN – LEO

Candy K and KOKO K have to be my favourites and Leo falls last place as the dark lip just doesn’t look right on me. 

This is the product dry and as you can see they are completely matte which is perfect. 

I love each and every colour in this set I think they are all very unique but beautiful, however the lighter shades I love just that little bit more.

That’s all for now girlies, leave a comment with your favourite colour 😄

Adiòs girlies ❤



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