Benifit High Beam Highlighter Review

Hiya beauties, today I will be reviewing the Benifit High Beam Highlighter.

This is the product in question, this isn’t a full size just tester size. I buy benefits gift sets quite a lot so I can try new products ect, I do end up with a lot of these mini highlighters-I’m not complaining they are brilliant 😄 

A little goes a long way with this product these little bottles tend to last me a good 4/5 months, I don’t usually go for liquid highlighters as I find the products do drag my make up off a bit but I find dotting and dabbing them into the skin instead of rubbing helps to reduce that. I adore the colour of this highlighter it’s a subtle satin pink, I prefer this over a more gold or silver colour as I feel it suits my skin tone better. 

I apply this on my cheekbones, under the brow and the Cupid’s bow, this is how the product looks on the cheekbones and under the brow

I love this highlighter for a everyday look, I think I prefer somthing with more sparkle for night wear however for day wear this is perfect as you are left with a natural plus dewy glow. To me personally this is my must have highlighter, just in love with high beam!

That’s all for now beauties I hope you enjoy this review, let me know in the comments below if there are any products you would like to see me try and review for you:-)

Byeee ❤


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