Hello beauties, 

I know the difficulty of getting inspiration for different blog posts, we have all been there-so today I am going to share 40 different blog post ideas with you.

40 blog ideas!

  1. Makeup collection 
  2. Current Makeup routine 
  3. How much is your face worth!
  4. Full face of one brand
  5. Makeup tutorials 
  6. Hair tutorials 
  7. Nail tutorials 
  8. Beauty must haves 
  9. Holy grail make up products
  10. 5 product face
  11. Beauty hacks
  12. DIY beauty products 
  13. Best budget finds 
  14. HAULS!
  15. High end vs drug store makeup
  16. Product reviews 
  17. Monthly favourites 
  18. Non beauty favourites
  19. Full face of makeup for £30
  20. Current skin care routine 
  21. Favourite store to purchase makeup
  22. Beauty wish list 
  23. Get ready with me 
  24. Top 5 makeup brushes 
  25. MOTD (make up of the day)
  26. OOTD (outfit of the day)
  27. HOTD (hair of the day) 
  28. Fun beauty facts 
  29. Favourite perfumes 
  30. Favourite bloggers/YouTubers 
  31. Seasonal essentials 
  32. Favourite nail polishes 
  33. Gift guides 
  34. Secret tips and tricks 
  35. Beauty box hauls 
  36. Fashion look books (summer/winter/Autumn/Spring)
  37. How to start a blog 
  38. How to manage a blog with college/work 
  39. How to create more blog traffic 
  40. Current hair care routine

I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for future posts! 

That’s for for new beauties, 



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