My Peircings.

Hello beauties, I love piercings I love them more than tattoos as they are not permanent and I’m always changing my mind. When I was younger I wanted every pricing ever, that’s changed how however I have a few and thought I would share them with you today. 
1. Tragus piercing

I love this one, I think it’s so pretty. People say the tragus piercing is very painful however I didn’t find that, I would say about 4/10. The first time I got it done was at a dodgy place it ended up infected and I had to take it out… opps. The second time at a different place went all fine. I find this piercing easy to sleep on as it just misses the pillow and their is no weight on it. 

2. Belly piercing 

I adored my belly piercing, I used to walk around in crop tops just to show it off, It hurt quite a bit around a 6/10, it was a slow process compared to the tragus as it was thicker skin, it felt like she was piercing for a long time. I brought endless amounts of cute belly bars, and told everyone about it. I’m not going to lie, I really don’t like it anymore, I don’t know why-I just don’t. 

3. Cartilage piercing 

I got a double helix piercing on the same day, it was my first piercing I don’t think I was prepared for how much this would hurt. It hurt so bad a 9/10, I couldn’t sleep on the ear for 4 months, they were so sore, kept catching on my clothes-but I love them. Maybe they wouldn’t of hurt so much if I got them different days but I know if I didn’t get both there and then I would chicken out. I think they are both really pretty, I love putting hoops in them.



14 thoughts on “My Peircings.

      1. They numb is first, you use this mouth wash type thing and it goes numb and then they pierce it but it’s the healing process that hurts and makes it uncomfortable as your tongue swells and can’t eat properly haha

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  1. Ahhhh so jealous, you have like..alll the piercings I’ve been meaning to get xD I have an industrial piercing and my nose pierced. Plus I had my tongue pierced a few years ago but as much as I loved seeing photos, it gave me so much stress so ended up taking it out xD Tragus looks so cool, I love them! And I almost got a triple helix on my other ear but my piercer said it’d be like 200$. Im saving fir a tattoo soo said nevermind hehe. You’re so brave for the bellybutton! Did it hurt? Everyone tells me I should get one but while I’m usually fearless about needles, the idea of one piercing my belly button is terrifying hehe

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    1. I had my nose done, but it didn’t suit my face:( my double helix cost only £40, the belly felt like the slowest to go through the skin but wasn’t as painful as the helix. All the pain is definitely worth it. I want my tongue done but im too scared of the pain!❤

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      1. Honestly I barely felt my tongue! It doesn’t hurt at all :p but it was uncomfortable when the swelling goes down and I didnt like how it my bar kept coming loose and I was seriously scared if accidentally swallowing it xD they’re so nice, I regret no being able to keep it

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      2. I like food and I’ve been told solid food is difficult for the first few days haha. I’ve heard so many mixed reactions about the tongue some people say it’s painless others it’s the worst pain. I think you should go ahead with the belly though, just close your eyes, don’t look at the needle. It’s more uncomfortable were as the helix is pain x

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      3. Definitely, cartilage is the worst xD I was eating soup the first day but honestly even that hurt lol. After about 2 days, I was back to normal food but to avoid the jewelry it was like I was playing chubby bunny every meal lol! Thanks for the advice 🙂


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