YVES Saint Laurent Le Teint Touché Eclat Foundation Review 

Hello beauties, today we are talking foundations. I haven’t done a review in ages, it’s well overdue -so here we go. The product I’m going be reviewing for you is the YVES Saint Laurent Le Teint Touché Eclat Foundation. I got given a sample at my local Boots store  which I was very exciting however I am very indecisive about this one, it has a lot of pros and cons. 

This is what the full bottle looks like, it retails at £33.50 from Boots. 

It comes in a huge range of different colours for different skin tones 22 to be exact! The foundation claims to have coverage whilst feeling weightless, i can confirm It does feel very light on the skin however the coverage isn’t there for me. I love the dewy, radiant finish, it blends beautifully and effortlessly with a beauty blender, which is definitely a plus! I have noticed the little sample bottle has lasted 2 weeks longer than I was informed which is also a amazing benefit.

I must say this foundation doesn’t work on my skin type, I’m oily – this foundation slides off my face too quickly. I had a colour match in store then to find it oxidise’ on the skin. When I am having a bad skin day, which is a lot of the time. It clings to my acne and dry patches, it clumps and cakes around those areas which is not pleasant. However if I was having the once in a blue moon good skin day then I think the caking wouldn’t be there as it’s just smooth skin. 


4 thoughts on “ YVES Saint Laurent Le Teint Touché Eclat Foundation Review 

  1. I know the struggle when it comes to finding a good foundation, it’s hard with oily skin! Ugh haha. Great post by the way!:)


  2. Oh such a shame their foundation wasn’t right for you. I went to an event recently with YSL and they gave me a similar tester and I quite like it. God, it’s such a nightmare to find the right foundation isn’t it haha! Keep up the good work 🙂


  3. I understand your struggle in finding a good foundation. I can never find one that is my correct skin shade. Therefore I’ve started just using the aquaprime by makeup revolution as the only base. it looks so natural. I’m a fashion blogger from London, would be super awesome if you could check out http://thestylecupboard.com/


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