Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Dandelion Blush/Powder.

Hello girlies, 

Today I will be reviewing two Benifit products. I love Benifit products so much, they are so temping to buy but are also incredibly expensive. What I tend to do to avoid wasting my money, is to buy the mini versions of the products. I adore these, it gives you a chance to try the product and decide weather it’s worth spending all that money on, before actually having to spend the money. Today I will be reviewing the Benifit Hoola Bronzer and the Dandelion Blush/powder.

These are the products. I have the full size version of the Hoola Bronzer as I got it as a gift and I don’t like the packeting as its cardboard which can break easily, however the mini version seems to have a plastic casing that actually secures really well. 

So first off my favourite , Hoola.

The thing I love most about this bronzer is that’s it’s got no orangey tones to it at all, which is somthing I like in a bronzer, as sometimes they can leave you looking a tad orange rather than bronzed. It’s also matte which is amazing as I tend to prefer matte blush and bronzer then all the focus of shimmery goodness on the main event – THE HIGHLIGHT.  It is a very suitle colour, not to dark but still very buildable if you wanted a more dramatic look. The colour blends so easily without caking or leaving patchy marks, just a very smooth even look.  

I would definely recommend this product.

I always thought this was just a blush, I was wrong! It’s a brightning face powder too, who would of known. I personally wouldn’t use it as a face powder as I’m quite pale and I don’t want to look like a pink fairy on a day to day basis, If I’m honest I’m terrified of using this as a face powder, as its one of my favourite blushes. Just like the bronzer it’s a suitle colour, a baby pink, almost matte but a few flakes of shimmer, and totally blendable- it’s like their the perfect match.  I would say this isn’t very buildable for me personally, but what can I say I didn’t even know it was a face powder, and a buildable pink face powder would be a recipe for disaster. 

Overall love this as a day to day blush. 

That’s all for now girlies,

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My Beauty Wish List

Hello girlies,

Everyone has those few make up or beauty products they feel they need to try so bad, but are too costly for our purses and wallets to deal with, or even products that are not released yet! 

This is my Beauty Wish List.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit.

Magically-Metallic highlighters (as decribed by the brand themselves) 

This is a product I want to try more than anything, these unique highlighter shades look so incredible, I’ve never seen any highlighters to be so gorgeous. Such a stunning range of different shades for every occasion, truly mezmorisimg. But at around £35 it’s something I just can’t afford right now. 

Revolution Unicorns Heart highlighter 

This is a new product just released by Revolution, I can’t wait to get hold of it! It’s a cheaper product retailing at around £5 but is truly stunning. As you can see I adore highlighters, what isn’t to like about looking like a shimmery princess. I’ve never tried coloured highlighters but there is just somthing so special about them that I have to try, plus the packaging is so cute. 

Zoeva make up brushes

I have seen so many YouTubers using these brushes latley, and yes I’m sold! I have never owned expensive make up brushes I just never understood it, but latley I think they could make a difference to the way my make up looks and I would love to find out. They look so professional and come in the cutest pouch, but at £50 it’s definitely on the wish list! 

That’s all for now girlies, I will be adding to this wish list as you will understand a girls beauty wish list is never ending. 


Collection 24hr Extreme Felt Tip Liner review (AKA Holy Grail eyeliner)

Hello girlies, 

I always find a cat eye flick suits me well, and this product helps me achieve the look so quickly and simply.

Collection 24hr Extreme Felt Tip Liner review.

I love felt tip eyeliners, they are so much easier than using a liquid liner which for me personally takes too long to dry, to difficult to get a strait and even look and just to advanced for my set of skills. 

First off the liner stays on all day, I have trouble with oily eyelids removing the product throughout the day but Collection have done amazingly to create a formula that withstands my oily eyelids. I think this product is very easy to use so would be perfect for anyone still trying to master that cat eye flick, I love how much control you have when using this eyeliner, it’s smooth not harsh and for the price £2.98 I’m not complaining! I used the Rimmel London equivalent to this product and it smudged very quickly although I think the tip of the pen was very similar to the Collection product, again being smooth and easy to control. Some eyeliners can be a more faded black but this is jet black, the intenseness of the colour does fade after a while but doesn’t smudge, that would be my only criticism. 

Overall would recommend to anyone who loves a winged liner!

Adiòs girlies ❤

The best concealer ever!

Hello girlies, 

Not going to lie, Collection 2000 makeup is one of my favourite brands to buy. What’s not to like about affordable good quality make up products. 

Now I have to say YouTube made my buy this product, as you know YouTube has that affect on people. You know the feeling, seeing products working miracles for all these beautiful YouTubers and thinking – I need that product! Well that was my exact feeling whilst purchasing this first product 

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer (shade-fair1)  retail price: £4.19 from any drugstore or supermarket.

As you can see mine is very warn out so I thought I would post another picture so people can see clearly what the product looks like. 

I use this mainly under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose as I find this is more of a brightning concealer than a concealer for acne. This product has a smooth creamy formula which is easily blended, I struggle blending under the eyes and I just feel like I am rubbing off my foundation which is never very good however I don’t get this with this product. I use a beauty blender to dab the product into the skin, I find this is the most effective way of getting a full coverage, brighter look. I do find setting the concealer with a powder essures you get a long lasting finish, any powder will do I just use a pressed powder from Rimmel London. I don’t find this product at all cakey even whilst having that flawless, full coverage look.

I use the lightest shade which is fair I believe you can get 4 different shades. I find it is the perfect colour for my skin tone, not to pink or yellow toned just a perfect match. 

I love Collection  make up and always have from the beginning, it’s a brand I trust. If there is a product you would like me to review, just let me know 😀

Adiòs girlies ❤

Nspa Pink Grapefruit and Raspberry Face Scrub review

Hello Beauties, 

I was thinking about what to reveiw today, and it just occurred to me that I haven’t reviewed a skincare product yet, so I thought to myself, today’s the day:D.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but I have always had a little trouble putting makeup products on my nose, weather it concealer or foundation – there is always a problem. I have two options, eaither put the makeup on my nose and look like a flaky mess or avoid product there completely and look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer! None of these solutions leave me feeling very good about myself as I hate my nose standing out as its not a pretty one. 

I have tried face scrubs in the past but they always leave me with incredibly dry or irritated skin. Then I came across my holy grail product, my favourite face scrub by far. 

Ft, Christmas nails from primark

Napa Pink Grapefruit and Raspberry face scrub. This product is absolutely incredible. First off it smells like pink grapefruit and raspberry, now I love that scent in everything, candles, body wash, even lip balms it’s amazballs. I have dry skin and I find this product does wonders for it buffing away the dead skin whilst leaving it healthy. A face scrub itself sometimes causes irritation and dryness as it is scrubbing, however this face scrub is perfect as long as you moisturise after – which is a given with a face scrub. The product uses natural rice and blueberry particles to exfoliate, the granuals are not harsh at all unlike other scrubs I have used in the past. I use this product at night and when I go to apply my make up in the morning it blends super easily, smooth and looks flawless(no more morning upsets about a flaky nose haha). 

Price: £2 ASDA!

Adiòs girlies ❤

Why chocolate is a good thing?

Hello beautiful girlies,

I love chocolate way to much, I thought this was having no benefits on my health, so I did a little research and found a few reasons why chocolate is good for you. This made me feel a lot better about having the odd chocolate bar! 

(Dark chocolate is healthier but all chocolate has so benifits!)

Chocolate is made from the seed of the cocoa tree, it is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet.

Chocolate and cocoa is very high in the mineral magnesium which is essential for over 500 functions in your body, including – heart health and muscle function.

Cocoa and cacao contain plant nutrients called proanthocyanidins. These phytonutrients have been shown in research to protect against carcinogens and nervous system toxins.

It lowers blood pressure!

Chocolate helps support the production of dopamine in the body which is a chemical that helps us feel good. 

(There we go girlies that is why chocolate makes us feel better on a down day!)🍫

Eating chocolate increases the levels of endorphins— natural pain killers. Eating dark chocolate may even help reduce those pains

Adiós for now girlies<3