Favourite Netflix Picks for the Month

Hello sweets today I’m sitting watching Netflix all day long therefore i thought it would be relevant to share my favourite TV picks. 


I’m nearly on the last season, i adore this show…. it’s addictive. If you like a serial killer plus forensic blood splatter analysis in one, this is the show for you. 

2. Rick and Morty 

I’m unsure if this is Netflix but who cares good TV is what matters here 🙂

American Dad and Family Guy are great but they have slowed down a bit and watching the same episode over and ever isn’t fun. Rick and Morty is like these shows but a scientist and his grandson. BLOODY BRILLIANT, I find nothing funny but this is hilarious.

3. The Originals 

Think of a more adult version of Thw Vampire Diaries, not that The Vampire Diaries isn’t great because it’s amazing. However take away the high school part and we have the Originals, plus Klous is definitely something good….

4. Riverdale 

This had me on the edge of my seat well… bed, all season. It was full of twists and turns and it’s definitely so,etching to watch amazballs. 

And now the best part, my favourite snacks for these Netflix shows… yumm yumm

Candy Floss Grapes are amazing. It’s not like when you get a flavoured thing and it tastes nothing like it, it’s very candyflossy! It makes healthy eating a tad bit easier.

Harribo Milkshakes are the best Harribos around yumm yumm yumm.

That’s all from me, let me know any Netflix shows I should be watching and what you watch off the list above 



Driving, Jobs and Shopping! 

Hiya everyone! Today I thought I would give you a tad update on things…

Number one… I have finally started to take driving lessons, yes I know I’m a little late but I never had the money but now I do(well I’m scraping together every penny to be a adult with a car that might possibly have eyelashes). How do I have the pennies to scrape up you may ask well… another adult step. A proper job…kinda, well they call when they need me thank god that’s a lot lately otherwise my dreams of having a mint car with eyelashes is over. I get I have to pass the test yet for my dreams to become reality but we have to start somewhere!

It’s mine and my boyfriends 3 years next month and he brought me some beautiful shoes, now they are no Jimmy Choo but to me a pair of converse is so much more exciting than a pair of heels I am unable to walk in leaving myself looking extremely strange to everyone around me. Just the original high top converse. Whenever I buy converse I go for crazy colour schemes and out there patterns but the original pair are the best bloody thing ever!

I also have been using a new toothpaste and mouthwash… more adult things(truly a adult when toothpaste excites you).  This is the Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black mouthwash and toothpaste. This can be brought in superdrug for £4.99(i got mine on sale for £1.50… bargain!) I never thought these ‘whitening’ products worked but this works wonders. Must say it’s a little strange using black toothpaste but it becomes normal. Tea and coffee stains are removed and my teeth have never looked better plus I’m definitely a fan of a bright smile.

That’s all from me sugar dumplings(naa that one isn’t great).

 Let me know if you love Beverly Hills Formula as much as me and if you are a converse or heels girl! 

Talk soon! 

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Beauty and Clothing Haul and Some Favourites 

Hiya peeps(trying something new…. nope peeps isn’t happening).

I have gathered some things from various shops over the past few weeks and thought I would share them with you. I’m quite broke but it’s ok because I got myself a job! Anyways this is what I brought, plus some cheeky favourites. 

Primark! I do love the shop, here’s what I brought.

Both the shorts and the skirt were £8 each, bargin! The shorts kinda of remind me of the clothes I used to wear when I was around six but ah well they are just so cute! The skirt is a staple piece that I’ve always wanted but never found, well Primark has done well, because I can now introduce you to my favourite piece of clothing, my £8 denim skirt. 

This is a bra, I’m posting my bra on the interwebs… strange. I have to be honest I scribbled out the middle as it made me feel less embarrassed about my underwear being on the internet. It worked a charm, embarrassment… gone! I see these around a lot lately, people wearing low cut tops and the pretty design at the top being on display, however I can’t seem to find a top to work with it, any suggestions leave below! This bra needs to be worn. Oh yeah £6, amazballs! 

Next is a Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in the colour Sagittarius. The people who come up with the names for these lip products are geniuses, I could never think of a name for every different lip shade. I could pretend that I brought this but I’m trying this thing where I’m completely honest, yeah my sister gave it too me – I can’t afford this stuff(yet). I love the colour it’s different, unique, beautiful.

Revolution palettes. These are amazing, such pretty colours. With the highligher and blush palette I get to look like a glitter bomb exploded on my face – never too much highlighter! With the contour palette I have one shade I adore, a contour shade that doesn’t make me look like a orange and who could want more than that. 

(I only showed the first palette on my hand as I only use one colour in the second which is the one on the second row third in, my lack of photography skills make it look darker than it is but I promise perfect shade!)


I brought a DS, yes I know a little late to be getting on the trend however I love it! Zelda is my favourite at the moment however once I find Sims I will be unable to focus on anything other than. 

This is poppy, we have a love hate relationship. I am a vocalist but I also have vocal problems so when poppy comes out and I try to sing with her we eaither click instantly or fail greatly. We have been clicking lately however I see our relationship going south after rehearsals today. 

With college out of summer Netflix has become a daily thing. The Originals is my all time favourite for me personally it’s a better take of The Vampire Diaries and Klous is beautiful. Dexter is also a favourite at the moment, I’m also rewatching My Mad Fat Diary on more 4 which is brilliant!

Back to Primark for £12, these shoes have been my holy grail for this month. I bloody love them, that’s all I can say plus the quality is insane for the price!

That’s all for now, comment below your favourites! 

My Latest Eyebrows Favourtie! (Freedom Brow Pomade)

Hello beauties, I’m very fussy with my eyebrows and haven’t yet found the perfect product for me until now. I have been trying to get hold of this product for weeks now but every time I go to Superdrug it’s sold out, so I am very greatful to have finally got hold of it! 

Freedom Eyebrow Pomade £5 

This is what the product looks like it’s definelty a dupe for the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade which costs around £15-£20. I am so impressed with this product, it has a very thick, soft wax like texture so you only need a tiny bit on a hard angled brush, I also just brush them through after with a eyebrow comb. I do find that you can easily put to much product on leaving your brows looking very false however this is not difficult to avoid by just using a tiny bit of product at a time, it toke me a bit of time to get right but practise makes perfect! I can work with this product very easily creating eaither very natural brows or big defined brows, it goes eaither way.

There are around 10 different shades of this brow pomade, I brought two shades soft brown and blonde as I was unsure what would be the best match for me. I have dark blonde hair and I found the blonde shade was better suited to me, the soft brown which is the colour on the right is very red toned which didn’t look right on me at all however the blonde is perfect. I do feel like if you are a very light blonde you would have to be very careful with the amount of product you apply during application as it is a slightly darker blonde however if you use a very light hand it should work perfectly.

In the photo below the blonde shade is on the right.

That’s all for now beauties, I hope you love this product as much as me, let me know in the  comments below? 

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Byeeee ❤️


Hello beauties, today I just wanted to share this with you…

1000 likes on my blog! I never thought I would even get 100 likes let alone 1000! I’ve always looked up to bloggers and beauty YouTubers, every time I read a blog post or watched a YouTube video I thought-I want to do that. I was never brave enough and my anxiety got the better of me but here I am. I started as an anonymous blogger but I’m not afraid anymore, I post photos of me on my posts now and I feel it has helped a lot especially with connecting with other bloggers. Thank you for every single person who has toke the time to read, like, or follow my blog. 

I’m so happy to have reached this milestone.

Thank you❤️❤️❤️

December Favourites! 

Hello beauties, 

Today I am going to be talking you through my December favourites. I’m going to be making a favourites post on the 1st of every month for you all, I hope you enjoy. 

Let’s start off with beauty related things. 


This is the Models Own powder eyeshadow in ‘white pearl’.

I love anything sparkly/shiny, that’s why I brought this shimmery shade.  I didn’t really use it however when all these highlighter trends starting coming about I thought, I could put this product to good use. This eyeshadow works as a perfect highlighter for me as I have a light skin tone, I use a tiny bit only on my Cupid’s bow and the inner corners of my eyes and use then Benefit high beam on my cheek bones plus under the brow bone as I don’t want to go to crazy with highlighter. I know that this is a eyeshadow but it doesn’t have any colour to it on my pale eyelids (for darker skin tones this would work perfectly as an eyeshadow) so I found a better use for it, to look like a shimmery princess. 

This is a Barry M nail paint the colour doesn’t have a name but it is the clothes show special edition nail paint.

It really isn’t the season for nude nails, I probably should be keeping up with the seasons, winter (greens, burgundys, maroon) nope I have nude summer nails and I love them! This colour is a nude peachy pink colour and I haven’t stopped wearing it all of December, so it’s only right that this nail product deserved a place in my December favourites.

This is the Lee Stafford Big Texture SPRay. 

I had never seen a hairspray/dry shampoo mashup before I recieving this for Christmas. I know I’m cheating I haven’t used this the whole month however I have used it every day since receiving it so I’m sure it’s allowed a place. It does exactly what the bottle says, gives oily hair a big textured boost, not to mention this smells incredible! This product doesn’t leave my hair with that grey tone that I get after using other dry shampoos and I think that’s what I love most about it.

Now on to non beauty favourites 

James Arthur – BACK FROM THE EDGE. 

I honestly don’t know how to start with this album, James has the most unique, mezmorisimg voice I have ever heard. I could listen to this man sing all day. He went through a rough patch and came back better than ever and I couldn’t be happier. I was routing for James from the beginning of his X Factor journey and was in tears with every performance, I even purchased his book -it was incredible! I’m such a fan girl. I even had a dream last night that James worked in ASDA and gave me his pen haha it was the weirdest thing but I was so happy in the dream to have the pen. My favourite song is ‘Finally ‘ it’s so beautiful and is so real, I tear up every time I listen. I can’t explain it too well just go have a listen to the song – you won’t regret it.


I’m not a fan of biscuits usally but these are amazing! The taste a little like ‘fabulous fingers’. My favourite chocolate ever made better, love it. I’ve eaten way to many of these.

Let me know your December favourites and if you love anything I have mentioned in this post. Free free to ask me any questions.

That’s all for now beauties,

Byeeee ❤️

Email- beautifulgirlies1@gmail.com

Top 5 beauty picks for 2016!

Hello beauties, it’s difficult to pick only 5 beauty products as there are so many amazing things out there. I choose 5 products I have repurchased many times and that are almost essentials to me now, they are all incredible! 

1. Maybelline New York – Baby Lips

These tinted lip balms smell and taste extraordinary, boyfriend approved! They give a lot of colour compared to other tinted lip balms I have tried in the past and are extremely moisturising. I have the smoothest, flake free lips with Baby Lips and with so many colours to pick from its difficult to become bored of them. Marvellous😊

2. Ghost perfume

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I tend to buy small tester bottles of products instead of full size as they are are just so easy to travel with and take in my bag. 

I’m terrible at decribing smells however the boots websites decribe this scent as ‘a timeless, sophisticated, romantic perfume that embodies the purity and individuality of the Ghost women, With notes of mellow florals and warm woods this soft, powdery, floral fragrance reflects an aura of subtle sensuality and feminity’. 

Basically I love this perfume, really intense scents can make me feel really sick but this one is perfect for me.

3. Benifit lip and cheek tints.  

My favourite thing about these is that they really do last weather it’s night or day time they really do stick. Smudge proof, lightweight and each of them have a unique colour. I don’t use these on my cheeks I just prefer these tints on the lips. I also tend to apply a clear lip balm though out the day, I apply this over these lip tints throughout the day and the colour doesn’t go anywhere, therefore no dry lips-which is the best!

4. TRESemmé – Shampoo and Conditioner 

I think his is the best smelling shampoo and conditioner ever! Before using this shampoo my hair was in awful condition after every wash, all the ends would split off when brushing my hair. TRESemmé has done wonders for my hair by strengthing it, plus it’s less of a  frizzy mess and more silky and shiny than ever. It does look expensive to the eye but it’s worth the money as a little goes a long way. A lot of shampoos make my scalp really itchy   therefore causing dandruff, it really is amazing to have such a amazing shampoo that doesn’t cause this.

5.  Benifit – There Real Remover 

What I have to say first about this is if it is used incorrectly it can make your vision funny for a few seconds but that isn’t ment to happen I just didn’t use it right first time because I’m clumsy! This eye make up remover makes it so much easier to remove my eyemakeup. I have to be completely honest it’s the only eye make up remover I have ever used however there was no faults so I didn’t steer away to try new products, I trust this so why change it. It moisturises my lashes as well as gently removing all the makeup on the eye including waterproof mascara, what’s not to love! 

That’s all for now beauties, 


What I got for Christmas!

Hiya beauties, i love Christmas and as I always say – these posts are my favourite to read!

I picked out four of my favourite gifts for this post excluding the Kylie Lip kits I received as I wrote a blog about them. If you would like to see my review on the lip kits go check out my last blog😄

I hope everyone had a very merry holiday season with their friends and family and I am so greatful for everything I received.

Topshop suade ankle boots!

I wasn’t a big fan of the big bulky Chelsea boots, don’t get me wrong they are beautiful but I’m too tall to wear them! I know it’s tragic. I look like a giant and I feel very uncomfortable when I’m taller than everyone else around so I gave them a miss. However these boots are perfect height for me, the are a black suade boot with a little heal and tie up laces from topshop. I love them with a big cosy jumper and some skinny jeans or for a more formal wearing a bodycon knee length skirt. 

The next thing I’m obsessed with is ‘PALMOLIVE GOURMET Body Butter Shower Creams’

I have to say these are the sweetest smelling shower creams that I know of. The chocolate one is ridiculous, it’s so incredible – I think personally you eaither love it or you hate it as some people can’t stand sweet shower creams which is completely understandable. I love them the smell is very strong whilst bathing but after its a sutle scent on the skin.

The next thing is a book, I struggle to read but the movie ‘Me Before You’ had me in tears even the forth time I watched it so I am so greatful that my brother got this for me.

JoJo Moyes – After You, the sequel to Me Before You

I have only read four chapters but it is already incredible, I cannot wait to read more. 

I have never used any Lee Stafford products before – yes I’m a Lee Stafford virgin!

I haven’t used these yet so I can’t review them for you however I love the idea of a half dry shampoo and half hairspray, I must say it sounds very exciting. If anyone has tryed these products before let me know In the comments what you think!


To me personally it doesn’t truly feel like Christmas without receiving some sort of chocolate (words from a chocoholic)

My two favourites Galexy and Terry’s Chocolate Oranges Segments. I love chocolate that’s all I can say about this!haha

Bye bye for now ❤


Hiya girlies I recently purchased the Kylie Jenner Birth Edition -Matte Liquid Lipsticks and I thought I would do a little review for you all

Disclaimer – I am unsure if these products are 100% genuine, I did not purchase these from the Kylie website I brought them off a seller on depop for a discounted amount. Either way I am happy with the product and it has not affected my lips in any way. 


I love the size of the tubes the product comes in, I think they are a perfect tester size. The reason I brought this set is so that I could try out a few colours (without having to purchase a full size tube) so I could decide what colour looks best and which I love the most and purchase the full tube. I originally thought DOLCE K would be my favourite colour but it turns out CANDY K is the one for me. 

To me personally I think the smell is too strong, it is indeed a sweet candy smell but it’s a little too much however the product goes on very easily, it’s smooth plus and is very pigmented in fact the most pigmented liquid lipsticks I have ever tried. A downfall for me is how long the product takes to dry, it appears dry but when I put my lips together they stick, smudge and just cause a bit of a mess! But taking into consideration the look of the product when on the lips I think it’s worth the downfall. I always find nude colours look awful on me as I have very rosey lips, they always separate as you can see my bright pink smackers shine through. However these lipsticks cover everything and look flawless, I did find mine faded when eating my Christmas dinner but I don’t think they are gravy proof! 

This is the products semi dry. 

From top to bottom – EXPOSED – CANDY K – DOLCE K – KOKO K – KRISTEN – LEO

Candy K and KOKO K have to be my favourites and Leo falls last place as the dark lip just doesn’t look right on me. 

This is the product dry and as you can see they are completely matte which is perfect. 

I love each and every colour in this set I think they are all very unique but beautiful, however the lighter shades I love just that little bit more.

That’s all for now girlies, leave a comment with your favourite colour 😄

Adiòs girlies ❤

Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Dandelion Blush/Powder.

Hello girlies, 

Today I will be reviewing two Benifit products. I love Benifit products so much, they are so temping to buy but are also incredibly expensive. What I tend to do to avoid wasting my money, is to buy the mini versions of the products. I adore these, it gives you a chance to try the product and decide weather it’s worth spending all that money on, before actually having to spend the money. Today I will be reviewing the Benifit Hoola Bronzer and the Dandelion Blush/powder.

These are the products. I have the full size version of the Hoola Bronzer as I got it as a gift and I don’t like the packeting as its cardboard which can break easily, however the mini version seems to have a plastic casing that actually secures really well. 

So first off my favourite , Hoola.

The thing I love most about this bronzer is that’s it’s got no orangey tones to it at all, which is somthing I like in a bronzer, as sometimes they can leave you looking a tad orange rather than bronzed. It’s also matte which is amazing as I tend to prefer matte blush and bronzer then all the focus of shimmery goodness on the main event – THE HIGHLIGHT.  It is a very suitle colour, not to dark but still very buildable if you wanted a more dramatic look. The colour blends so easily without caking or leaving patchy marks, just a very smooth even look.  

I would definely recommend this product.

I always thought this was just a blush, I was wrong! It’s a brightning face powder too, who would of known. I personally wouldn’t use it as a face powder as I’m quite pale and I don’t want to look like a pink fairy on a day to day basis, If I’m honest I’m terrified of using this as a face powder, as its one of my favourite blushes. Just like the bronzer it’s a suitle colour, a baby pink, almost matte but a few flakes of shimmer, and totally blendable- it’s like their the perfect match.  I would say this isn’t very buildable for me personally, but what can I say I didn’t even know it was a face powder, and a buildable pink face powder would be a recipe for disaster. 

Overall love this as a day to day blush. 

That’s all for now girlies,

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<a href=”https://www.thebloggerprogramme.com/profile/jasmineskelding”><img alt=”” src=”https://www.thebloggerprogramme.com/badges/03.jpg&#8221; /></a>