Exciting clothing HAUL!!

Hello beauties, today I have a haul for you. I probably shouldn’t of brought all this stuff however I did and I love it all. Right now I’m sitting all cosy, I got caught in the worst rain I’ve seen in ages! The point of me telling you this is that all my new clothes that I was wearing got drenched nevertheless they are currently drying on the radiator, it’s not all bad I have a bar of Oreo dairy milk-yumm yum.

The first item on my list of beautiful goodies is…

TIMBERLAND BOOTS, I bloody love them. I always um and ah about these as I adore them but the price tag hurts me. I would never be able to afford these alone so me and my boyfriend brought one shoe each. Worked out £65 each from office. It was the last pair and I think the women serving me wanted them as she seemed a bit annoyed that I was buying them…oops. I bet your thinking the colours a bit odd, I really love the colour it’s different to the classic Timberland boot colour whilst not being to bright. The colour works perfectly with most outfits, they are causing a few blisters but hopefully that subsides soon.

Next is a skirt from Topshop

i love Topshop clothing, I wouldn’t buy something that wasn’t in the sale though due to my tight budget being a student and all. This was £20 in the sale-I adore it. I find difficult to find skirts that fit around my bum and waist perfectly, but this skirt has a thumbs up from me. Plus it matches my next item.

I do have a obsession with this colour, I always tend to put my boyfriend in the direction of burgundy coloured clothes also, it’s great! These shoes were from New Look and cost £19 pound, what a bargain! I wanted a pair of heeled boots that were not too high for going out and nicer occasions as I am always in either converse, trainers or my new found love for my Timberland boots. I did have to size down in the shoes due to them not having my size however it was well worth it for these beauties.

I love this I think it’s great. I thought this would look so cute with a pair of boyfriend jeans or high waisted jeans I needed some more T-shirts. £5 a great price, plus I do love Harry Potter it reminds me of the Harry Potter puppet pals which is brilliant. That’s all from me(I may need to make a part 2) comment your thoughts and opinions below Lots of love Alex.xox


L’Oréal Paris Infallible TOTAL COVER foundation review

Hello beauts, my blog is back. To kick things off I am starting with a well overdue foundation review followed by a very exciting beauty and clothing haul tomorrow. So let’s get to the point the L’Oréal Infallible foundation..

Now first off the bottle is a yes from me, I definitely prefer plastic to glass foundation bottles. Yes glass is visually pleasing however is it worth the sudden rush of panic every time your bag of goods is dropped(plus if your clumsy like me-that’s often). I brought this after many good reviews it cost £9.99 from Superdrug on a 3for2 deal, because it was 3for2 I thought I would go all out and buy the L’Oréal beauty blender too-it wouldn’t feel right not too.

We will just ignore the upside down photo and the dirty beauty blender. The consistency for this product was a shock to me, it’s a thick mousse not in the slightest oily which is perfect for my acne prone skin. This applied smoothly, blendable and true to colour so there was no nasty surprises. Now this claims to be ‘total cover’ so it’s only right to talk about that, it’s BRILLIANT all the red blotches gone. Due to the consistency I expected a heavy feel but that wasn’t there, I forgot the foundation was there. I’ve tried many foundations and I actually gave up using it for a year due to not being able to find the perfect one for my difficult skin, and I bit the bullet and brought this beauty. My new makeup holy grail. L’Oréal Infallible.

That’s all from me beauts, leave below your comments and opinions on this foundation. 🙂


Top 5 beauty picks for 2016!

Hello beauties, it’s difficult to pick only 5 beauty products as there are so many amazing things out there. I choose 5 products I have repurchased many times and that are almost essentials to me now, they are all incredible! 

1. Maybelline New York – Baby Lips

These tinted lip balms smell and taste extraordinary, boyfriend approved! They give a lot of colour compared to other tinted lip balms I have tried in the past and are extremely moisturising. I have the smoothest, flake free lips with Baby Lips and with so many colours to pick from its difficult to become bored of them. Marvellous😊

2. Ghost perfume

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I tend to buy small tester bottles of products instead of full size as they are are just so easy to travel with and take in my bag. 

I’m terrible at decribing smells however the boots websites decribe this scent as ‘a timeless, sophisticated, romantic perfume that embodies the purity and individuality of the Ghost women, With notes of mellow florals and warm woods this soft, powdery, floral fragrance reflects an aura of subtle sensuality and feminity’. 

Basically I love this perfume, really intense scents can make me feel really sick but this one is perfect for me.

3. Benifit lip and cheek tints.  

My favourite thing about these is that they really do last weather it’s night or day time they really do stick. Smudge proof, lightweight and each of them have a unique colour. I don’t use these on my cheeks I just prefer these tints on the lips. I also tend to apply a clear lip balm though out the day, I apply this over these lip tints throughout the day and the colour doesn’t go anywhere, therefore no dry lips-which is the best!

4. TRESemmé – Shampoo and Conditioner 

I think his is the best smelling shampoo and conditioner ever! Before using this shampoo my hair was in awful condition after every wash, all the ends would split off when brushing my hair. TRESemmé has done wonders for my hair by strengthing it, plus it’s less of a  frizzy mess and more silky and shiny than ever. It does look expensive to the eye but it’s worth the money as a little goes a long way. A lot of shampoos make my scalp really itchy   therefore causing dandruff, it really is amazing to have such a amazing shampoo that doesn’t cause this.

5.  Benifit – There Real Remover 

What I have to say first about this is if it is used incorrectly it can make your vision funny for a few seconds but that isn’t ment to happen I just didn’t use it right first time because I’m clumsy! This eye make up remover makes it so much easier to remove my eyemakeup. I have to be completely honest it’s the only eye make up remover I have ever used however there was no faults so I didn’t steer away to try new products, I trust this so why change it. It moisturises my lashes as well as gently removing all the makeup on the eye including waterproof mascara, what’s not to love! 

That’s all for now beauties, 


Benifit High Beam Highlighter Review

Hiya beauties, today I will be reviewing the Benifit High Beam Highlighter.

This is the product in question, this isn’t a full size just tester size. I buy benefits gift sets quite a lot so I can try new products ect, I do end up with a lot of these mini highlighters-I’m not complaining they are brilliant 😄 

A little goes a long way with this product these little bottles tend to last me a good 4/5 months, I don’t usually go for liquid highlighters as I find the products do drag my make up off a bit but I find dotting and dabbing them into the skin instead of rubbing helps to reduce that. I adore the colour of this highlighter it’s a subtle satin pink, I prefer this over a more gold or silver colour as I feel it suits my skin tone better. 

I apply this on my cheekbones, under the brow and the Cupid’s bow, this is how the product looks on the cheekbones and under the brow

I love this highlighter for a everyday look, I think I prefer somthing with more sparkle for night wear however for day wear this is perfect as you are left with a natural plus dewy glow. To me personally this is my must have highlighter, just in love with high beam!

That’s all for now beauties I hope you enjoy this review, let me know in the comments below if there are any products you would like to see me try and review for you:-)

Byeee ❤

Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Dandelion Blush/Powder.

Hello girlies, 

Today I will be reviewing two Benifit products. I love Benifit products so much, they are so temping to buy but are also incredibly expensive. What I tend to do to avoid wasting my money, is to buy the mini versions of the products. I adore these, it gives you a chance to try the product and decide weather it’s worth spending all that money on, before actually having to spend the money. Today I will be reviewing the Benifit Hoola Bronzer and the Dandelion Blush/powder.

These are the products. I have the full size version of the Hoola Bronzer as I got it as a gift and I don’t like the packeting as its cardboard which can break easily, however the mini version seems to have a plastic casing that actually secures really well. 

So first off my favourite , Hoola.

The thing I love most about this bronzer is that’s it’s got no orangey tones to it at all, which is somthing I like in a bronzer, as sometimes they can leave you looking a tad orange rather than bronzed. It’s also matte which is amazing as I tend to prefer matte blush and bronzer then all the focus of shimmery goodness on the main event – THE HIGHLIGHT.  It is a very suitle colour, not to dark but still very buildable if you wanted a more dramatic look. The colour blends so easily without caking or leaving patchy marks, just a very smooth even look.  

I would definely recommend this product.

I always thought this was just a blush, I was wrong! It’s a brightning face powder too, who would of known. I personally wouldn’t use it as a face powder as I’m quite pale and I don’t want to look like a pink fairy on a day to day basis, If I’m honest I’m terrified of using this as a face powder, as its one of my favourite blushes. Just like the bronzer it’s a suitle colour, a baby pink, almost matte but a few flakes of shimmer, and totally blendable- it’s like their the perfect match.  I would say this isn’t very buildable for me personally, but what can I say I didn’t even know it was a face powder, and a buildable pink face powder would be a recipe for disaster. 

Overall love this as a day to day blush. 

That’s all for now girlies,

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