Favourite songs of 2018!

Hello beauties,

Today I am going to share with you my favourite tunes of 2018. I am a big music lover so this is a big deal to me, trust me there are so tunes!!

img_2222-1James Arthur – Empty Space

James has always been a favourite of mine and if you have followed my blog for a while you will know I adore him! Every song fails to disappoint. If you haven’t heard this yet – I highly recommend.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper – Shallow

This song… I cannot even explain. I freaking love it!!! I never knew Lady Gaga had a voice like that. I balled my eyes out listening to this, it was incredibly emotional and raw. I never saw the movie in the cinema as it wasn’t something I thought I would like however after hearing this song I’ve been looking all over and have pre-ordered the DVD. If anyone else loves this song let me know!!

Dalton Harris and James Arthur – The Power of Love

I first heard this song when Gabrielle Aplin covered a while ago, I was obsessed with her voice. Well anyways I hadn’t heard of the song in a while heard this on the X Factor final. I used to be very into the X Factor watching it every year however its become worse and worse throughout the years, becoming very fixed. In saying this I was routing or Dalton to win, who better for him to sing with than the man himself, James.

Eminem and Ed Sheeran – River

I know this wasn’t 2018 but I have been obsessed with it, a old school Eminem vibe with Ed Sheeran is what dreams are made of. I used to love all Eminems old tunes like Mockingbird, Stan, Beautiful, Lose Yourself, then his music began to change and left me missing the old style of music. BAMM, my dreams come true with this little number. Obsessed.

Anne-Marie – Perfect To Me

A feel good song, something to raise your self-esteem whilst making you feel brilliant. She’s Basically singing about how she isn’t perfect, explain all her flaws and how they make her perfect. If i’m having a low day then this is the track for me and possibly for you too. I love Anne-Marie she did a cover of dangerous women which I will never forget, I will link a cover for any Anne-Marie lovers!!


Thats my list complete, share you favourites below. Love Alex.xox


Exciting clothing HAUL!!

Hello beauties, today I have a haul for you. I probably shouldn’t of brought all this stuff however I did and I love it all. Right now I’m sitting all cosy, I got caught in the worst rain I’ve seen in ages! The point of me telling you this is that all my new clothes that I was wearing got drenched nevertheless they are currently drying on the radiator, it’s not all bad I have a bar of Oreo dairy milk-yumm yum.

The first item on my list of beautiful goodies is…

TIMBERLAND BOOTS, I bloody love them. I always um and ah about these as I adore them but the price tag hurts me. I would never be able to afford these alone so me and my boyfriend brought one shoe each. Worked out £65 each from office. It was the last pair and I think the women serving me wanted them as she seemed a bit annoyed that I was buying them…oops. I bet your thinking the colours a bit odd, I really love the colour it’s different to the classic Timberland boot colour whilst not being to bright. The colour works perfectly with most outfits, they are causing a few blisters but hopefully that subsides soon.

Next is a skirt from Topshop

i love Topshop clothing, I wouldn’t buy something that wasn’t in the sale though due to my tight budget being a student and all. This was £20 in the sale-I adore it. I find difficult to find skirts that fit around my bum and waist perfectly, but this skirt has a thumbs up from me. Plus it matches my next item.

I do have a obsession with this colour, I always tend to put my boyfriend in the direction of burgundy coloured clothes also, it’s great! These shoes were from New Look and cost £19 pound, what a bargain! I wanted a pair of heeled boots that were not too high for going out and nicer occasions as I am always in either converse, trainers or my new found love for my Timberland boots. I did have to size down in the shoes due to them not having my size however it was well worth it for these beauties.

I love this I think it’s great. I thought this would look so cute with a pair of boyfriend jeans or high waisted jeans I needed some more T-shirts. £5 a great price, plus I do love Harry Potter it reminds me of the Harry Potter puppet pals which is brilliant. That’s all from me(I may need to make a part 2) comment your thoughts and opinions below Lots of love Alex.xox