Exciting clothing HAUL!!

Hello beauties, today I have a haul for you. I probably shouldn’t of brought all this stuff however I did and I love it all. Right now I’m sitting all cosy, I got caught in the worst rain I’ve seen in ages! The point of me telling you this is that all my new clothes that I was wearing got drenched nevertheless they are currently drying on the radiator, it’s not all bad I have a bar of Oreo dairy milk-yumm yum.

The first item on my list of beautiful goodies is…

TIMBERLAND BOOTS, I bloody love them. I always um and ah about these as I adore them but the price tag hurts me. I would never be able to afford these alone so me and my boyfriend brought one shoe each. Worked out £65 each from office. It was the last pair and I think the women serving me wanted them as she seemed a bit annoyed that I was buying them…oops. I bet your thinking the colours a bit odd, I really love the colour it’s different to the classic Timberland boot colour whilst not being to bright. The colour works perfectly with most outfits, they are causing a few blisters but hopefully that subsides soon.

Next is a skirt from Topshop

i love Topshop clothing, I wouldn’t buy something that wasn’t in the sale though due to my tight budget being a student and all. This was £20 in the sale-I adore it. I find difficult to find skirts that fit around my bum and waist perfectly, but this skirt has a thumbs up from me. Plus it matches my next item.

I do have a obsession with this colour, I always tend to put my boyfriend in the direction of burgundy coloured clothes also, it’s great! These shoes were from New Look and cost £19 pound, what a bargain! I wanted a pair of heeled boots that were not too high for going out and nicer occasions as I am always in either converse, trainers or my new found love for my Timberland boots. I did have to size down in the shoes due to them not having my size however it was well worth it for these beauties.

I love this I think it’s great. I thought this would look so cute with a pair of boyfriend jeans or high waisted jeans I needed some more T-shirts. £5 a great price, plus I do love Harry Potter it reminds me of the Harry Potter puppet pals which is brilliant. That’s all from me(I may need to make a part 2) comment your thoughts and opinions below Lots of love Alex.xox


L’Oréal Paris Infallible TOTAL COVER foundation review

Hello beauts, my blog is back. To kick things off I am starting with a well overdue foundation review followed by a very exciting beauty and clothing haul tomorrow. So let’s get to the point the L’Oréal Infallible foundation.

Now first off the bottle is a yes from me, I definitely prefer plastic to glass foundation bottles. Yes glass is visually pleasing however is it worth the sudden rush of panic every time your bag of goods is dropped(plus if your clumsy like me-that’s often). I brought this after many good reviews it cost £9.99 from Superdrug on a 3for2 deal, because it was 3for2 I thought I would go all out and buy the L’Oréal beauty blender too-it wouldn’t feel right not too.

We will just ignore the upside down photo and the dirty beauty blender. The consistency for this product was a shock to me, it’s a thick mousse not in the slightest oily which is perfect for my acne prone skin. This applied smoothly, blendable and true to colour so there was no nasty surprises. Now this claims to be ‘total cover’ so it’s only right to talk about that, it’s BRILLIANT all the red blotches gone. Due to the consistency I expected a heavy feel but that wasn’t there, I forgot the foundation was there. I’ve tried many foundations and I actually gave up using it for a year due to not being able to find the perfect one for my difficult skin, and I bit the bullet and brought this beauty. My new makeup holy grail. L’Oréal Infallible.

That’s all from me beauts, leave below your comments and opinions on this foundation. 🙂


Fashion and Lifestyle Haul 

Hello beauties, I’m excited for this one, today I have a well overdue haul! I went to Meadowhall shopping centre and picked up a few adorable things and thought I would share them with you.
Boyfriend Jeans (Primark £15) 

I’ve been looking everywhere for a pair of boyfriend jeans that fit me perfectly. I struggle as they are a baggy fit so they need to be tight around the waist, I have a small waist so this is usually a stressful search. I found these in Primark and they are a perfect fit, I think they will look good with a black bodysuit or spaghetti strap tops in the summer. 

Art Therapy Books

I am obsessed with these colouring books at the moment, they are definitely therapeutic. I brought these from a store that was closing down, I can’t remember the name but there were £1.50 each – incredible value. I have a lot of the movie art books however I always get nervous in case I mess them up as I’m known for clumsiness, I brought these so that I can be as clumsy as I like! 

Sports Bra (Primark £5) 

I’ve been really getting into the gym lately – well I went twice however I thought i it’s time I got so proper gym gear. I love the colour of this top and the patten in the back. It’s perfect fit and nothing falls out which is a problem I tend to get. I love it.

Dungaree Dress (H&M £25)

I love this little black denim number, I see so many people wearing these lately. I think they look so cute with either crop tops or tight jumpers underneath. I’ve never owned anything like this, it’s definitely something new for me -it’s adorable.

Pillow (Disney Store £7)

This is for my niece I swear…. nope it’s mine. I love it, so cute, also really comfy! I just fell in love instantly it was a spontaneous buy.