FAKE Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks VS FAKE Kylie Jenner Liquid Matte Lipsticks… Battle of the fakes.

Hello beauties,

So recently I have ordered some new liquid lipsticks from ‘Huda Beauty’ and ‘Kylie Jenner’ to see how they compare.

On the left we have the Huda Beauty and on the right we have the Kylie Jenner.

The Packaging

Personally the packaging looked the same as the original products, I couldn’t tell a difference until I noticed that two completed different shades of the Huda lipsticks were both called called ‘Gossip Gurl’.

Huda – 0

Kylie – 1

The product

The Huda lipsticks smell great, the smell kind of like vanilla, its a good scent something that makes you want to use the product. On the other hand the Kylie fakes smelt like paint, this was slightly off-putting as no one wants to apply paint, it also makes you wonder what is in the product but then again nothing can actually compare to the application and wear.

Huda – 1

Kylie – 1

The Application

The Huda lipsticks applied gorgeously, there was the right amount of product on the applicator whilst being very smooth and light during the application, the colours were very pigmented which is something I really liked about these lipsticks.

Whilst the Kylie lipsticks looked great the application was a bit more difficult. It was very fast drying which I know can be a positive however in this situation it was stressful as I could no get the application right. The lip colours are beautiful however this didn’t project onto the lips, however they were still very pigmented.

Huda – 2

Kylie – 1

The drying process and wear

The Huda lipsticks took around 3 minutes to dry, which is a good time as no one wants to wait around for their lipstick to dry, it also didn’t feel to drying on the lips which is a plus! I hate to say it but the wear wasn’t the best. I went out for a meal with this lipstick on, I ended up having to remove it as it was smearing round my face. Gross I know. In saying this I had no embarrassing lipstick teeth moments until dinner!

The Kylie lipsticks did come through on the wear as I said before the drying application was way to quick whilst feeling incredibly drying however the wear made up for this. No lipstick teeth situations and eating dinner was a sucsess!

Huda – 2

Kylie – 2


Removal of the Huda lipsticks was easy, no rubbing on your lips just a baby wipe will do. The was no staining to which I tend to struggle with.

Okay so there was a disaster with the Kylie Products! THEY WOULD’NT COME OFF!! I was stuck for 3 days with this lipstick on which makes me question the ingredients. the staining was horrendous and I was left with extremely sore, dry, stained lips as a result.

Huda – 3

Kylie – 2

The winner

As a result of this testing Huda takes the winnings, I must say that both lipsticks had pros and cons, if they mushed both together they could create something brilliant. I would never recommend buying fake beauty products as the ingredients could be potentially harmful to you, however I do know how tempting it is when you see. good fake for a good price! That is why I wanted to test these for you, to see if its worth the risk!
Let me know down below if you have tried any good fakes before and how they compared to something else.



Easy Nail Art Ideas

Hello, it’s been a while! I’ve been messing about with uni and work, just life really. Well fast forward a waste of a year. Uni really isn’t for me, I didn’t get along with the work load or the way university works in general, it’s not for me. Anyways here I am, back as ever I can not wait to get started again. I hope you all enjoy my content❤️

So I’ve been very into my nail art lately and have been messing around with some easy ideas! These first ones are animal prints and animal designs (with a Pokémon ball on the end there)

These were really easy to create with a black nail art pen and dotting tools which cost less than £5! You can even use a hair grip or anything really as a dotting tool. The cat is my favourite! What’s yours:)

I tried a little bit of a Halloween theme for these ones! Except my Jason nail looks nothing like Jason. I love the multicoloured eyes, there are so cute! This is my first attempt of nail art so if I can do it, you can!

These are just standard cute nails, I tried stamping for the first time on the yellow nail however it didn’t work to well, it don’t know why but practise makes perfect right! I love the daisy nail again made with a simple dotting tool.

I thought I would share my first nail art attempts with you. I really am enjoying nail art and would love your opinions and Ideas to create other designs.

Let me know what you think! What’s your favourite nail and have you recreated any of these😊

Alexandra xox

L’Oréal Paris Infallible TOTAL COVER foundation review

Hello beauts, my blog is back. To kick things off I am starting with a well overdue foundation review followed by a very exciting beauty and clothing haul tomorrow. So let’s get to the point the L’Oréal Infallible foundation..

Now first off the bottle is a yes from me, I definitely prefer plastic to glass foundation bottles. Yes glass is visually pleasing however is it worth the sudden rush of panic every time your bag of goods is dropped(plus if your clumsy like me-that’s often). I brought this after many good reviews it cost £9.99 from Superdrug on a 3for2 deal, because it was 3for2 I thought I would go all out and buy the L’Oréal beauty blender too-it wouldn’t feel right not too.

We will just ignore the upside down photo and the dirty beauty blender. The consistency for this product was a shock to me, it’s a thick mousse not in the slightest oily which is perfect for my acne prone skin. This applied smoothly, blendable and true to colour so there was no nasty surprises. Now this claims to be ‘total cover’ so it’s only right to talk about that, it’s BRILLIANT all the red blotches gone. Due to the consistency I expected a heavy feel but that wasn’t there, I forgot the foundation was there. I’ve tried many foundations and I actually gave up using it for a year due to not being able to find the perfect one for my difficult skin, and I bit the bullet and brought this beauty. My new makeup holy grail. L’Oréal Infallible.

That’s all from me beauts, leave below your comments and opinions on this foundation. 🙂